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Cleveland Wants to Make it Easier For Emergency Vehicles to Get Through Traffic | Auto Accident Lawyers Chattanooga

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We’ve probably all been sitting at a stoplight waiting for the light to change when we’ve heard sirens in the distance. You look around trying to find out where the sirens are coming from. Are the emergency vehicles on your street? A nearby street? The light changes to green – do you go?

Knowing how to react when emergency vehicles are close is incredibly important. These vehicles are in a rush, and the last thing you want to do is get in their way. Traffic lights only confuse the situation because fire trucks, ambulances, and police squad cars sometimes need to run red lights when responding to an emergency situation. Well, Cleveland, TN officials are trying to solve this problem and make it easier for emergency vehicles to navigate the city’s streets.

The Cleveland Utilities board recently approved funds for a new GPS- based traffic signal system. This system will be installed at twenty different intersections and would allow the Cleveland Fire Department to remotely control traffic signals. This will allow fire department vehicles to pre-emptively change traffic signals to avoid ‘intersection bottlenecks before the vehicles arrive.’ The $120,600 initiative will hopefully be put into place over the summer.

Auto Accidents in Cleveland TNCleveland officials also plan on addressing an issue at a railway bridge over Inman Street. Officials claim that this overpass sees around one collision per month. Most crashes involved rental trucks, since the drivers aren’t familiar with how tall these vehicles are and they don’t account for the low clearance. So an illuminated “low clearance” sign will be placed at the Norfolk Southern Railway bridge to warn drivers of the low ceiling on the concrete bridge.

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