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Commercial Trucks Pose Dangers on Bradley County Roads

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Traveling the country roads of southeast Tennessee can be a relaxing way to pass time. One area, located in Bradley County, is the town of Cleveland. It is located in the heart of the Ocoee Region and the countryside is filled with wonderful scenic routes. These vistas can lull us into a sense of security, making one feel that nothing can happen to them. But what often happens is we tend to forget that these roads can be just as dangerous as the highways. Commercial traffic uses these roads on a daily basis to haul their goods to local communities. In addition to 18 wheelers, there is an increase in construction traffic as we head into the warmer months. As this traffic increases so does the likelihood for accidents.

commercial truck accident in Bradley County TNOn Wednesday, March 7th, one such tragic accident occurred in Cleveland near the intersection of Michigan and Minnis Road. According to the Cleveland Police Department, a Mercedes had a head on collision with a dump truck. A witness recounted that the dump truck came around a bend in the road and collided with the car, pushing it of the road before overturning. Both vehicles caught fire and the car exploded. The driver of the dump truck was pulled to safety by a passerby, but due to the intense heat and fire, the car’s driver was unable to be rescued. This is the third fatal accident on Bradley County roads in 2012 according to the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office.

The Cleveland Police Department, along with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, are investigating the accident to determine the cause. Accidents with commercial vehicles are tragic, especially when there is a loss of life. In one instance a whole family’s life was changed and will never be the same. While the police will investigate and hold the responsible party accountable, that only accounts for one side of the tragedy. Medical bills mount up, loss of income for the family, not to mention the loss of companionship they will endure. If the police determine a criminal case needs to be pursued they will only hold the negligent party accountable to a small extent. To make sure justice is received in a commercial trucking accident, one needs to have legal counsel to deal with the lawyers and insurance company of the responsible party.

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