Accident victim dedicated his life to helping animals

Community Remembers Accident Victim Who Dedicated His Life to Animals | Chattanooga Injury Lawyers

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The power of accidents is undeniable.  They have the power to change lives forever.  They have the power to take away those that matter most to us.  But the true power is in the hands of the loved ones of those who have passed, because they have the power to make that person’s legacy continue well past their untimely death.

Friends, family, and an entire community are making sure that a man who recently lost his life in a bike accident will be remembered for a long time to come.  The man was a director at the Humane Educational Society where he dedicated his life to helping animals that couldn’t help themselves.  The work he’d put toward Hamilton County’s Humane Society even got his facility awarded Animal Shelter of the Year in Tennessee in 2005.

Tragically, he was recently in a severe bicycle accident that left him in intensive care with a serious brain injury.  Last weekend he passed away.

It was the same weekend that the Humane Education Society held a large-scale pet adoption event.  The HES board of director’s president publically praised the man for his amazing contributions and there was even an anonymous $2000 donation made in his honor.

It’s amazing to see how a community comes together, lifting each other up in the face of such heartache.

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