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Cracking Down on Drunk Drivers May Be Saving Lives Across the State | Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers

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The Tennessee Highway Patrol was well-prepared for the fourth of July and the extended Holiday weekend that followed.   Like all Holiday weekends the chance of there being a serious accident is much greater – a fact that authorities across the state knew very well.  To meet the issue head on, the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) flooded the roadways with extra patrol cars and setup seven DUI checkpoints.  It’s all in an attempt to save lives.  But is it working?

According to a Lieutenant with the THP it definitely is.  “The Tennessee Highway Patrol traffic fatalities as of midnight last night are down 76 statewide from last year. And in our Chattanooga district which includes 12 counties we are down 28 fatalities from this time last year.”

So, what’s been making the difference?  Police believe it’s been a heavy crackdown on intoxicated drivers as well as going after speeders and drivers who aren’t wearing seatbelts.  They’ve also been expanding their efforts to bust drivers who are impaired by drugs or prescription medications.  Anyone driving with a cloudy mind can be a danger to themselves and others and getting them off the road is an essential mission for police in Chattanooga and across Tennessee.  

As lawyers who have been serving surviving families of accident victims for years, we know that the heartbreak that follows a fatal accident can be immeasurable.  So, anytime we hear that less people are losing their lives on our streets it’s great news, but there’s still work to do.

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