Mans dangerous decision to drive drunk led to 5th DUI arrest.

Dangerous Driver Racks Up A Staggering 5th DUI Arrest | Chattanooga Injury Lawyers

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As injury lawyers in Chattanooga, we see more than our fair share of senseless accidents. Recklessness takes many forms, and an accident can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes an accident is caused by a simple slip of the mind, a quick moment of distraction, but sometimes car wrecks are caused by something much more careless. Sometimes it results from a decision so senseless that it can be hard to wrap your mind around it. 

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, hopefully you learned a lesson and that will be your first and last offense. However, some people just refuse to learn from their mistakes and they continue to put others in harm’s way. What could be the motivation behind someone who was arrested not just once for DUI, and not even just twice? What is a person thinking who gets arrested four times and still doesn’t stop driving drunk?!

Law enforcement officials, witnesses and others are wondering just that about a Red Bank man earned his fifth DUI arrest last week after leaving a trail of damaged vehicles in his wake. 

Local police said the 61-year-old man got drunk and stole a car. He drove the car through a parking lot and smashed into several parked cars before finally coming to a stop after crashing into a public works vehicle. Police were quickly on the scene and arrested the man, who appeared intoxicated and unsteady. A breathalyzer test confirmed their suspicions, showing his BAC to be .082%, which is over the legal limit.

The suspect faces DUI charges on top of motor vehicle theft, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving without a license. We hope he’ll learn his lesson, but at the least, he should be spending time behind bars and not on the road causing more auto accidents!

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