Road rage causes auto accidents

Auto Accidents – 3 Dangerous Drivers Who Cause Them

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Have you noticed how the bad guys in movies seem to cause lots of auto accidents? You know what we’re talking about. They speed around the city streets in their “inconspicuously” black cars, hiding behind black-tinted windows. Then, they mow down a tomato stand in a quaint farmers market and, finally, when the getaway car is too wrecked to go any farther, they run off into the alleys wearing their dark sunglasses and black trench coats.

If only it were that easy to see which drivers are going to cause auto accidents on the streets of Chattanooga! If it were possible, you could avoid them, or accident lawyers could at least preemptively record their every move and use it for evidence.

Unfortunately, dangerous drivers in the real world don’t dress head-to-toe in black, but there are noticeable driver behaviors you can watch for in order to avoid being involved in an auto accident. Let’s review 3 types of dangerous drivers you may encounter on the roads.

  1. The Short Fuse — This is an easy one to spot, because we’ve all encountered (or succumbed to ourselves) road rage. For some drivers, this is just their regular M.O., for others it’s just the result of a bad day. Whatever the reason, an angry driver is a driver who is not thinking clearly. He or she may not ever expect to cause an accident, but when emotions run high anything can happen. The Short Fuse will show signs of frustration and anger in the face, make obvious gestures, honk the car horn and flash the headlights at you. This person is not a force to be reckoned with. Stay as far away as possible and avoid confrontation. If this driver is behind you, move over to the right lane and let the car pass.

  3. The Distracted Driver — This is another one we’ve all learned to recognize. It’s very difficult for anyone to stay alert during each second we’re behind the wheel. But most drivers can quickly recover from a split-second distraction. Ongoing distractions are another story. Any driver eating fast food is a distracted driver. Any driver reading the newspaper is a distracted driver. Any driver talking on a cell phone is a distracted driver. So, if you see a driver doing anything in addition to driving, stay on alert! Turn off onto a side road if you need to. Let the car pass. Just do whatever you need to do in order to avoid being hit when that driver swerves into another lane, stops suddenly or runs a red light.

  5. The Weaver — Now, this driver may be under the influence of a couple of things. This could be a short fuse who’s driving aggressively, it could be a hurried driver, or it could just be an indecisive or confused driver. Regardless, a driver who is changing lanes too often and weaving in and out between other cars is very likely to cause an auto accident by following another car too closely, stopping suddenly to make a missed exit ramp or just by merging into the same lane at the same time as another car. Leave plenty of space between this car and your own.


Of course, there are myriad dangerous drivers out there. These are just a few key signs safe drivers should learn to recognize. A dangerous driver’s behavior will inevitably lead to an auto accident. Don’t be the driver who gets dragged into it.

If you should be the unfortunate victim of one of these bad guys, The Insiders are your experienced auto accident lawyers in Chattanooga. We’ll put on our good guy clothes and make sure you get proper representation to the insurance company and a fair settlement for any property damage and personal injuries.

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