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Deadly Accident Involving Knoxville Woman Leads To Murder Charge

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What one person might consider an accident, others might consider a calculated act. That seems to be the case in a recent deadly collision that occurred on Interstate 77. A man has found himself charged with murder after a fatal wreck. Will this mean justice after such a terrible car accident?

A driver has been charged with Second Degree Murder after getting on I-77 heading the wrong way and smashing head-on with another vehicle. The Knoxville woman who was driving the other vehicle was killed in the accident and the children that were in the automobile with her were seriously injured.

The man had quite a lengthy history as a troublemaker. He was wanted in Pennsylvania for making terrorist threats and was already on probation in Florida. Now it seems like he’s killed someone in our state.

So what does Second Degree Murder mean in Tennessee?

  • It is considered a Class A felony.
  • It is defined as the knowing killing of another or the killing of another by the illegal sale of drugs.
  • It is punishable by up to 60 years in prison and fines up to $50,000.
  • It is not eligible for the death penalty.

As wrongful death lawyers in Knoxville, we know how hard it must be for the surviving family because we work with many families that have been affected by deadly accidents. A murder charge after a deadly accident isn’t exactly common, but it could get long-lasting justice for a family that has been torn apart by the actions of one reckless man.

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