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Deadly Train Accident Reminds of the Dangers of Railroads in East Tennessee

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“I looked out my window and saw where the truck had landed… By the time I got out here, the truck had caught on fire.”  That was the terrifying eye witness account of a recent Fort Payne accident that took two lives.  It all stemmed from a train accident that occurred last week.

It’s a danger that we don’t face every day, so it’s a danger that can easily be forgotten or not taken seriously, but trains pose a real threat in Southern Tennessee.  In the recent deadly train accident, a pickup truck apparently missed a road and ended up flipping on its side in a ditch.  Part of the pickup truck was up against a set of railroad tracks where it was unfortunately struck by a train.  The truck burst into flames with two men still inside.  Police and other rescue workers were able to free the men from the fiery wreck, but unfortunately they both passed away at a local hospital.

As train accident lawyers in Chattanooga, we can’t stress enough how important it is to be safe around our state’s railroad tracks.  You should never try to race a train to a crossing; the time you’ll save isn’t worth the potential consequences.   Always obey all signs and signals, and of course, look both ways before you cross tracks.  Always assume that a train could be coming.  It’s better to be safe than sorry and NEVER stop your vehicle on the tracks, and if your car happens to stall on a crossing, get out of the vehicle and off the tracks.

Need the Help of a Chattanooga Train Accident Lawyer?

Not every train accident is caused by driver error.  Many are caused by negligence on part of train conductors or the train companies.  These cases can be incredibly complex, so you’ll want to put the Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm on your side. Contact our Chattanooga train accident attorneys today and tell us your story.

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