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Distracted Truck Drivers Make Our Roads More Dangerous | Chattanooga Truck Accident Lawyers

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As truck accident lawyers in Chattanooga, we know that there are few things on our roads more dangerous than a distracted truck driver.  You only have to look at the sheer size and weight of a tractor trailer to know that they can cause serious damage.  Unfortunately, it’s often people in smaller passenger cars that are the ones injured when one of these big trucks wreck.

Just last week, motorists in Knoxville found out how much devastation can occur when a truck driver is momentarily distracted.  According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, a serious accident occurred on the 30th around 7am on I-40 near Campbell Station Road.  Apparently a truck driver lost control of his rig and slammed into another vehicle, pinning it against the concrete barrier. 

The person had to be rushed to a local hospital, and as of the initial report, their condition is unknown.  So what caused this accident?  Well, the truck driver has claimed that something flew into his open window and distracted him.  This has left others to speculate a different cause.  Some believe that the driver was likely smoking, which would explain why his window was down in near freezing temperatures, and ashes blew off his cigarette and back into the cab of the truck.  Only an investigation into the wreck will uncover what exactly happened, but it goes to show how dangerous a big rig can be with a distracted driver behind the wheel.

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