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Driving Near A Semi? Listen To This Closely!

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On April 5, a man crashed into a semi that was stopped in traffic. The man ended up stuck under the vehicle for about two hours and had to be extracted by firefighters. Unfortunately, accidents with semis can be devastating, which is why it is especially important to be careful when driving near semis.

  • Be patient when following a semi-truck, especially when stopping or starting. Because they may need to shift through several gears to get moving, it might take them a while to get moving with the flow of traffic.
  • Avoid being in a semi-truck driver’s blind spot. If you need to pass a semi, do so quickly. Avoid driving right next to a semi for an extended period of time. The drive may not see you, and you could unintentionally get hurt or killed.
  • When passing a semi, do not pull back into the lane with the semi until you are several vehicle lengths in front of the driver.
  • Do not pull out right in front of a semi driver. It may be hard for the driver to stop to avoid hitting you. Instead, only pull in front of a semi if there is room for your vehicle. When entering a freeway or pulling onto another road, it is often best to let the semi pass you. Then you can pull behind it. Later, you might be able to pass the driver.
  • Avoid driving directly behind a semi, especially if it is kicking up rocks, losing materials, or if it looks like items are not properly secured to the vehicle. While hay flying off of a semi’s truck bed might be little more than a nuisance, a rock could damage your windshield, and things such as pipes falling off of a truck could cause injury or death.
  • Make sure you are far enough behind a semi so that if something does come flying or falling off, you can switch lanes or stop to avoid being hit.

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