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Elderly Judge Allegedly Uses Automobile As A Weapon | Knoxville Auto Accident Lawyers

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Even when you’re driving safely and taking your time, your automobile can still be incredibly dangerous.  You’re talking about a 4,000 lb piece of machinery capable of reaching high rates of speed.  When someone behind the wheel has bad intentions, you don’t need Knoxville auto accident lawyers to tell you how serious of a situation that is.

When a person tries to use their vehicle as a weapon, it’s assault, plain and simple, and that’s exactly what an Oak Ridge city judge is charged with.  The 94-year-old is said to have struck a man with his car last November.

The judge is vehemently denying that what he did constituted assault.  Witnesses at the scene paint a very different story, however. They claim that the judge fell down at an Oak Ridge intersection and many came to his aid.  Fearing that he was seriously injured, one of those that responded wanted the elderly man to wait for a medical crew to arrive to examine him. Instead the judge got into his car.  The Good Samaritan stepped in the way, trying to prevent the man from leaving.  The 94-year-old hit the gas and subsequently hit the man in front of him.

The man had to be rushed to the University of Tennessee Medical Center to be treated for injuries sustained in the accident. Last week the elderly judge was finally arrested and charged with assault.  According to the attorney representing the injured, “We anticipated there was going to be a warrant issued, but I don’t know why there was a time delay.”

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