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Even Well-Trained Truck Drivers Can Cause Big Truck Accidents in Chattanooga

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Trucking is a major business here in East Tennessee. Our streets and interstates are packed with these behemoths transporting goods in and around our state.  But have you ever stopped to wonder about the men and women behind the wheel?  What exactly does it take to be a truck driver?

As truck accident lawyers in Chattanooga, we know there’s a great demand for new truck drivers in Tennessee and younger drivers are making a career out of driving a rig.  Places like Miller-Motte Technical College here in Chattanooga trains drivers to get their commercial driver’s license.  According to one student, “Here at Miller-Motte, they put us in a classroom for 50 hours, drill into our head general knowledge of the semis and the trailers and what it means to be a combination vehicle.”

Students learn how to read maps as well as fill out logbooks.  They will also learn how to do a 152 point inspection before each trip to ensure that the truck is in perfect working order.  They will also practice driving techniques such as pulling into a loading dock as well as parallel parking.  Soon they are out of the road, riding on the streets around Chattanooga with an experienced instructor.

Learning safety is a big component.  The student summarizes, “For safety purposes, we watch our gauges, we watch our mirrors at all times. We’re supposed to be watching our surroundings at all times because you have to drive 90 percent for all the other drivers on the road and 10 percent for yourself. The whole safety part of it is the main key.”

Get Help From Chattanooga Truck Accident Lawyers

Even with all that training, even experienced truck drivers can cause serious accidents.  If you’ve been affected by one, put the Chattanooga truck accident attorneys at the McMahan Law Firm on your side.  We have the experience to fight back against big trucking companies to get you the money you deserve.

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