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Experienced Knoxville Accident Attorneys Explain The Dangers Of Advanced Technology

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There have been numerous advancements in technology that have helped improve automobile safety over the past few decades. However, our experienced Knoxville car accident attorneys say that there are some safety features in trucks and cars that may actually be doing more harm than good and putting drivers at a higher risk for accidents.

Take Google, for example. Over the last few years, the company has been developing an autonomous vehicle that is predicted to help reduce highway injuries and fatalities significantly. Sounds good, right? Well, the problem is that until all cars are driverless, there’s the issue of blending vehicles that drive the car using pre-programmed commands, and cars that are driven by humans. The New York Times took a closer look at this problem recently.

The newspaper also published an article  on the issues drivers now face with the new head-up displays on the windshields and dashboards of cars. Essentially, these displays are distracting to a driver. The automakers feel these displays are safer because a driver no longer needs to look down to view information. However, there are no regulations that govern these types of displays in cars, which has prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission to conduct an investigation into the risks and benefits of this type of technology.

We believe you should be aware of the many dangers that you face driving the highways day in and day out. Not all accidents can be prevented, and it’s vital that you contact us to help you navigate through the steps you need to take after you’ve been involved in an accident.