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Heavy machinery is something you might not think too much about… until it affects you.  Vehicles like dump trucks, steamrollers, cranes, and other large vehicles can be found in construction sites throughout Southern Tennessee.  Sometimes construction sites are in industrial areas, sometimes they are on the side of the road, but sometimes they are right there in your neighborhood. You might not even take notice of these massive vehicles until their work ties you up in traffic, but residents in Lookout Valley definitely took notice after an explosive incident Wednesday morning.

Apparently a backhoe was digging near Pattern Chapel Road when it hit a gas line.  The result was a massive explosion.  The explosion led to a series of fires that required the response of six Chattanooga fire crews.  Working together it seems like they were able to get the blaze under control before anyone was injured.

The flames did manage to burn through electric lines which made for an even more dangerous situation.  Fortunately, the electric company was able to cut power to the lines before they sparked even more fires.  Many businesses and homes were left without power for much of the morning, however.

Anyone operating machinery like a backhoe should have extensive training on how to operate it safely.  There should also be precautions taken at every construction site to ensure that underground pipes and lines are not in threat of being ruptured.  Failing to do so can easily cause a serious accident like the one that took place in Lookout Valley.

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