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Fallen Knoxville Teacher Recognized At National Teachers Hall of Fame

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When you think about people who serve our communities, who do you think of? Police, fire fighters, soldiers? What about teachers? Educators are vital to the continued growth of our state. They work to make it a better place, and they deserve to be recognized for all that they do. When great educators are killed or pass away, their legacy shouldn’t go with them. That’s why the National Teachers Hall of Fame has the Memorial to Fallen Educators.

The memorial on the Emporia State University campus stands as a way to immortalize those teachers that have forever changed the minds of their students and the community as a whole. Very recently, Knoxville lost a teacher’s aide in a terrible, terrible accident. In previous blog posts we’ve went into length on the tragic collision of two buses right here in Knoxville. As personal injury lawyers in Knoxville, we’re pleased to see that brave teacher’s name is being placed on the monument.

The teacher’s aide has been the only teacher killed while performing their job since the Memorial to Fallen Educators was erected in June of 2014. Now lawmakers are looking to make that memorial a nationally recognized one. According to a spokesperson, “The legislative process takes time and requires Congressional approval, but we are optimistic that the designation will happen.”

There are still additions to add to the memorial as well. New lighting, pavers, and interactive stories on each teacher will make the memorial as magnificent as it deserve to be. The spokesperson continues, “Once we get everything in place, this will be a wonderful tribute to our fallen heroes from the education profession. Other professions honor their own; why not education?”

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