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Family Files Lawsuit After February’s Deadly Loudon County Bus Accident

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It’s seems like the past few months have been full of tragic news of bus accidents. No one can forget the terrible tragedy that occurred when two Knoxville buses collided, taking the lives of a student aide and several students. Our wrongful death lawyers in Knoxville have discussed these events in-depth in previous blog posts, “Knoxville Auto Accident Lawyers Heartbroken By Deadly Tennessee Bus Accident”, “Tennessee School Bus Accidents Often Hurt Students And Drivers Alike”, and “Fallen Knoxville Teacher Recognized At National Teachers Hall of Fame.”

Well, there was another deadly bus accident that occurred in Loudon County last February that took the life of a Knoxville woman, and her family is striking back against what they believe is gross negligence. In late February the woman was traveling along US Highway 11 when a Loudon County bus crossed the median directly into her path.

The two vehicles collided and the woman was killed. Now her family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the bus driver and contractor claiming, “The driver of (the bus) made an unsuccessful attempt to avoid [the SUV].” The family filed their suit in the Loudon County Circuit Court in March and will be seeking $6 million in damages.

It won’t be an easy case for the family, however. A Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper is claiming that the SUV crossed the centerline as opposed to the bus. Representatives for the surviving family paint a different picture, though, claiming, “If you look at the photos, it’s a very different story.” Only the continued investigation will uncover the truth behind this terrible tragedy.

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