Family of Wrongful Death Victim Hope to Prevent Similar Accidents | Chattanooga Auto Accident Lawyers

Family of Wrongful Death Victim Hope to Prevent Similar Accidents | Chattanooga Auto Accident Lawyers

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In previous posts, we’ve discussed how motorcycle accident fatalities were on the rise in Tennessee. To bring awareness to this troubling trend the Tennessee Department of Transportation began posting the rising death toll along our highways. But awareness is one thing and taking action is another. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by other motorists failing to see the riders, and the most effective way to prevent deadly bike wrecks is for drivers to actively be on the lookout for motorcycles. This is the message a Chattanooga family is spreading after their loved one was killed in a recent bike accident.

The young rider was traveling through Chattanooga when a car turned left in front of him. The car and motorcycle collided and the young man was thrown from his bike. The rider was rushed to the hospital, but he tragically passed away from his injuries shortly after. His heartbroken sister spoke out and said, ‘I don’t think we still have fully comprehended everything that’s happening and we’re going through right now.’

A Chattanooga family mourns the loss of their loved one after a motorcycle accident.

The family is now trying to urge people to keep a watchful out for motorcyclists so other families won’t have to suffer a similar loss. They held a memorial ride and placed a cross at the scene of the wreck with a message reminding drivers that looking twice for bikers saves lives. The sister continued, ‘All motorcyclists and all drivers of all ages can hopefully just realize the impact and devastation that causes the people, and just paying attention and being aware of everyone on the streets.’

Despite the young man being a victim of a wrongful death, the family doesn’t want to place blame on the driver. ‘We understand accidents happen, and we just hate that it has to be this severe. But we don’t blame anyone, we don’t want anyone to feel we’re pointing fingers.’ Instead the family is celebrating the young man’s life and honoring his memory by striving to prevent similar accidents in the future.

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Stories similar to this family’s happen far too often in Tennessee. Families of accident victims are often left not only heartbroken but also confused and worried about what the future holds. Accidents don’t just take a toll emotionally; they can also carry an incredible financial burden as well. The insurance company may not pay out all that you need to cover your expenses, but the Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm will fight for you to get the money you really deserve.

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