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We’ve said it many times before – big trucks can be dangerous.  Their sheer weight and size means that an accident involving them often ends in with someone being injured, especially if that accident also involves a smaller passenger car.  As truck accident lawyers in Chattanooga with know that tractor trailers can also be dangerous to one another as well, and we were reminded of this after a terrible tragedy that recently occurred on Interstate 24.

I-24 has long been a hotspot for truck accidents.  It’s one of the busiest interstates in the South and sees a heavy volume of big truck traffic on a daily basis.  This unfortunately means that the chance of these trucks running into one another is likely. 

Just weeks ago, two big trucks collided on I-24 and one person was killed while two others were seriously injured.  Tennessee Highway Patrol arrived at the site of a multi-vehicle accident near mile marker 151.  Apparently a truck was coming up from Mississippi and driving at a very low rate of speed.  A second tractor trailer was approaching from behind and wasn’t able to get around the slow-moving truck in time.  It smashed into the rear of the other trailer.

The man in the second truck was killed on impact and both his passenger and the other truck driver suffered injuries and had to be taken to nearby hospitals.  Neither of the people in the second truck were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident, but the wreck was so severe that authorities have expressed doubt that it would have made a difference.

While drugs and alcohol were not believed to be a factor, investigators were considering charges against the first truck driver as it’s not known why he was driving at a dangerously slow speed.

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