Fatal Crash in Hamilton County Refreshes Concerns over Dangerous Road

Fatal Crash Refreshes Concerns over Dangerous Road | Hamilton County Car Accident Lawyer

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Hamilton County experienced tragedy last Saturday just after 9am when a 19-year-old lost control of her car and hit a tree on Hunter Road. It took nearly half an hour to pry to the young woman from her demolished 1996 Buick Regal. She was flown by LifeForce to Erlanger Hospital where she later died from her injuries.

The 19-year-old was driving eastbound on Hunter Road when the disastrous accident occurred. The road has had a long history of being prone to accidents. After the wreck, the Hamilton County Commissioner, Chester Bankston, gravely stated, ‘It’s just another tragedy that happened on Hunter Road.’ He went on to add that he believes the road is one of the most dangerous in the county.

Hamilton County attempted to lower the amounts of incidents by repairing the road last summer. The repairs included adding new lines, repaving, and lowering the road. According to the Commissioner, ‘We spent like $600,000 on Hunter Road last summer trying to make it safer and I think we have made it safer. But in the long term, it’s about a $15 million project that we’re trying to get approved.’

Dangerous Road in Hamilton County Leads to WreckBut they’re all in agreement that the real fix is to widen the dangerous road and build a shoulder. Bill Hullander, Trustee for Hamilton County added, ‘Hunter Road for years has been a road we know needs to be widened.’ But since that project will cost the county $13 to $15 million, they hope they will be aided by federal funds. Even then the funds to widen the road wouldn’t come for two to four years at the earliest.

Commissioner Bankston believes, that for the time, the road is safe as long as drivers respect the posted speed limit. ‘I just encourage everyone to watch their speed because some of those curves, you just can’t make them. If you go faster than 40 then some of the curves will be hard to make.’

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