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Fatal Local Car Crash | Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers

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Earlier this month, a Chattanooga man who was badly injured in a car accident in August died as a result of his injuries.

The 54-year-old man was involved in an accident in the 5400 block of Highway 153 on Aug. 3. He was hospitalized after the collision and died Sept. 1. 

We extend our most sincere condolences to his loved ones.

The accident that led to the man’s fatal injuries is still under investigation, and local authorities have indicated that they may file charges if it turns out that the circumstances merit.

As Chattanooga car accident lawyers, we come into contact every day with stories that emphasize how important it is to drive carefully and safely.

That being said, a person can be as attentive and cautious behind the wheel as is possible and can still become involved in an accident because of “the other guy.” Every year in Tennessee, thousands of people are hurt or even killed in car, truck and motorcycle accidents.

If you are ever hurt in such an accident, or if you lose a loved one, it may be a good idea to research whether you have any potential legal remedies. After a car accident, there can be medical bills and lost wages that are very hard to deal with; if a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is successful, it can help mitigate these unplanned-for expenses.

If you are interested in starting this process, you are welcome to contact us at your convenience. We take pride in helping Chattanooga-area residents pick up the pieces after motorcycle, car and truck accidents.

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