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Faulty Insurance Claims Hurt The Process

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Currently, we are celebrating recovering $6 million in just 6 weeks. Some of the battles we are having to fight, there’s a public perception that we are filing more lawsuits and the plaintiffs are the ones that are causing it to happen. We’re not the ones that are forcing lawsuits to be filed. The insurance companies are making small offers, sitting on their hands, barely paying their defense attorneys so they don’t care and forcing their insurance to be sued.

It’s just about every case, everyone has insurance behind but you just can’t say that it’s involved. Here’s an example, a pot smoking minor busts through an intersection and hits the victim head on, causes them $21,000 in medical expenses. What do you think their offer was, $23,500. That’s a whopping $2,500 for a head on collision. Nobody in their right mind would ever take that. But they’re hoping that the conservative, blinded jury will take that because they have played into their hands for years.

Another one here, a person incurs a broken elbow in a horrible crash, their medical expenses were $10,400. What do you think their first offer was, $12,100. Who’s going to take $1,700 for a broken elbow. No sane person what so ever. These are great examples, and we are forces to sue to get more for the damages that have incurred.

Is there a fear of someone not contacting a lawyer? They’re playing into the insurance company’s hands. Big insurance wants to draw it out, wants to wear down the person and wants to make ridiculous offers and hope that they will take it. It’s one of the biggest abuses in our community, what big insurance is trying to do.

Does it matter even the type of wreck?

I’m going to bring some example on an upcoming show where insurance companies have played off that there was little damage to the back of the vehicle, but then I’ll show what happened on the inside of the vehicle, and the injuries that were actually caused, and show that these perceived low impact claims can actually be very damaging to the victim.