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Four Ways To Avoid Getting Seriously Injured Or Killed In An Accident

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On February 5, a man suffered life-threatening injuries in a rollover accident. The man was speeding when his vehicle left the roadway. He over-corrected and ended up flipping his SUV. Because he was not wearing a seat belt, the man was thrown from the vehicle. While serious accidents do happen on the road, there are several things you can do to decrease your chances of getting seriously injured or killed in an accident.

  • Maintain a safe speed. Maintaining a safe speed and going the speed limit are not always the same thing. If weather conditions require you to drive slower to stay safe, reduce your speed. Maintaining a safe speed will help you to have better control of your vehicle. You are less likely to drive off the road. You are more likely to be able to stop or slow down to avoid hitting another vehicle or other object.
  • Wear your seat belt. It reduces your chances of being thrown from the vehicle and increases your chances of surviving a crash.
  • Be a courteous driver. While it would be wonderful if every driver would wait his or her turn, it is not going to happen. Even if it is your turn at a stop sign or other intersection, if another driver insists upon going, never insist upon taking your turn. Stop at crosswalks for people walking across the street. Allow vehicles to pull out of driveways or parking spaces. Overall, just be respectful of others on the roadway, even if they are not showing you the same respect.
  • When possible, avoid driving in bad weather. Wet or icy roads as well as other bad weather lead to more accidents. With an increase in car accidents and bad road conditions, sometimes comes a slower response from emergency responders.

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