Hamilton County Personal Injury: Mother Sues for $25 Million After Daughter’s Death

Mother Sues for $25 Million After Daughter’s Death | Hamilton County Personal Injury Lawyers

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No honest Hamilton County personal injury lawyer will claim they can make everything all right after someone you love has been killed by the negligence, carelessness, or maliciousness of another person. Money won’t bring back a loved one or erase the pain of the loss, but a successful wrongful death claim can help to provide the surviving family members with financial security and can sometimes even deliver well-deserved justice. That’s the hope of a Hamilton County mother a year after her daughter was killed in a tragic railroad accident.

Has Someone You Loved Been Killed in a Hamilton County Accident? | Hamilton County Personal Injury LawyersThe mother has brought a Tennessee wrongful death lawsuit against six parties totaling $25 million. According to the suit, the woman’s 19-year-old daughter was given drinks by a manager at the restaurant where she was a server. Then, the manager took her to a family farm to go swimming, but they ended up lying down on railroad tracks to look at the stars. Presumably, the two fell asleep and were both killed when they were hit by a train.

The victim’s mother believes that her daughter’s death was completely avoidable. She’s brought the Hamilton County suit against the manager’s estate as well as his parents who run the restaurant where her daughter was served alcohol, claiming that they knew her daughter was underage since she was their employee.

The mother is also suing the farm and the train company. The suit claims that the crossing is ‘pooly lit’ and there weren’t proper signs to warn people that passing trains didn’t sound warnings when entering the farm’s crossing. In fact, the farm owners and railroad company had previously entered an agreement to keep trains from blowing their horn when passing by the farm. It also attests that the conductor saw someone on the tracks but failed to alert the engineer in time to slow the train or sound warnings that may have given the couple the opportunity to get off the tracks.

Has Someone You Loved Been Killed in a Hamilton County Accident?

Since Hamilton County wrongful death suits are entirely removed from criminal charges, neither preceding affects the other, which means that just because a person is acquitted of the crime, they can still be sued in civil action by the surviving family.

Hamilton County Personal Injury Lawyers

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