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Hamilton County Truck Accident Survivor Talks About His Brush With Death

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Cleveland police have called it a ‘miracle’ that a young man has survived a terrifying big truck accident.  The accident survivor himself believes someone up above was looking out for him, and his quick-thinking also certainly played a part.  News Channel 9 has interviewed the man post-accident, and his story is quite amazing.

The young man was driving home from work when a tractor trailer pulled out of Gold Star Drive and directly into the path of his small passenger car.   The semi-truck was blocking the entire road and there was no way the man could stop his car in time to avoid an accident.  That’s when according to police, “Quick thinking and reaction… likely saved his life.”

The man quickly unlatched his seat belt and did his best to slide down beneath the steering column before colliding with the trailer.  It was a smart move because the entire top of the car was completely crushed.  According to the survivor himself, “It took the top off, and the truck was on top of me, and had me kind of pinned down to the side…”

As truck accident lawyers in Chattanooga, who have seen the aftermath of countless run-ins with tractor trailers, the fact that he wasn’t more seriously injured is pretty unbelievable.  The young man only suffered minor bumps and bruises, scrapes, and a headache.  It could have been so much worse, and we’re glad to be able to discuss a story like this in a positive light.

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A story like this illustrates the consequences of one bad decision on behalf of a truck driver.  A man’s life was saved by his quick reaction, but many aren’t as lucky.  The Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm are here to help those that have suffered serious injuries in big truck accidents.

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