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Higher Potential of Road Rage and Accidents with Truck Drivers: Contact Chattanooga 18-Wheeler accident attorneys

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Everyone experiences road rage at one point or another. After all, during rush hour, in horrifyingly long lines of traffic, with hundreds of other anxious and fatigued drivers on the road, it’s not uncommon for someone to lose his temper every once in a while. Some express their rage through honking, others through yelling, and others through more aggressive driving.

In any case, road rage with truck drivers is a topic that is universal to all. It is not seldom for stories about 18-wheelers using their trucks to shove passenger cars out of the way to appear on the news, or for drivers of such cars to receive damage to their vehicles while the truck receives none. After all, it is simple physics: in a crash, the larger the vehicle, the likelier the chance of less damage because of its greater mass and thus, smaller velocity and force upon impact. In other words, the truck driver has a lower risk of harm and a greater shield of intimidation, simply because of the larger size of the vehicle. That does not mean that being a truck driver immediately guarantees a higher chance of road rage or reckless driving. However, truck driving can undeniably become a rather stressful task. People who get road rage simply driving to work only spend only about half an hour to an hour behind the wheel, on average. On the other hand, most truck drivers end up behind the wheel about 11 hours a day, or 70 hours a week. In other words, they spend almost half the day on the road, handle a larger and less convenient vehicle, are constantly monitored on their driving, and are consequently more likely to become fatigued. Fatigue, in turn, is a characteristic that facilitates the onset of the aggression or irritability characteristic of road rage.


Other than reckless or aggressive driving, accidents with 18-wheelers involve other factors like toppling loads, hurtling tires, inattentiveness, or alcohol. Whatever the cause, it’s known that 98 percent of accidents with semi trucks involve at least one fatality. Furthermore, about 30-40 percent of these accidents involve driver fatigue, which as discussed, is particularly a risk with semi or 18-wheeler truck drivers constantly behind the wheel.

Besides the difference in size of vehicles and amount of time spent on the road, truck drivers and passenger drivers are distinct in another way: their insurance companies. 18 wheeler accidents are not handled the same way as car accidents: the trucker’s company is specially equipped to deal with any vehicular incident with a team of lawyers and accident reconstructions to minimize their liability as much as possible. As a consequence, it is important to seek professional legal counsel the moment you are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler to make sure that you are justly represented and prepared for any legal matters.

Please don’t hesitate to call Chattanooga 18-wheeler accident attorneys if any of these cases apply to you. You can contact us for a free initial consultation today, or visit the McMahan Law Firm website to search or chat about any questions or concerns about other legal issues.

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