Victim of a hit and run accident?

Hit and run? Valuable information from Chattanooga car accident attorneys

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Dealing with insurance companies after a car accident is often a challenge, even in the best case scenarios. What happens if your accident involved a hit and run driver though? According to a report from WTVC, a husband and wife recently suffered minor injuries and damage to their vehicle when, while traveling through an intersection, their vehicle was t-boned by another car that was traveling at a high rate of speed. The other driver kept traveling for a distance, before stopping near the dorms at Lee University and then fleeing on foot.

In the case of a hit and run accident where the at-fault driver cannot be found, victims can seek compensation for medical care and property damage from their own insurance policy if they have uninsured motorist coverage. In the above-mentioned case, however, the police were able to find and impound the vehicle after the driver ran away. It is very possible that authorities will be able to find the driver of the vehicle through the license, registration and any proof of insurance papers that might have also been left behind.

Unfortunately, though it would seem that one insurance company or the other would cover the damages incurred in a hit and run accident, insurance companies are often more interested in making money for themselves rather than helping victims of car accidents. That’s why, if you have been injured in an accident, it is important to seek the help of Chattanooga car accident attorneys who know how the insurance industry works.

The founder of the McMahan Law Firm worked in the insurance industry for fifteen years before becoming a personal injury lawyer. He’s now retired but passed along his experience to the remaining legal team. That insider knowledge can be used to help you get the settlement you deserve. For more information, contact us.

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