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Honoring Heroes: Celebrating Those Who Serve Eastern Tennessee

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There are men and women in our state who run toward accidents, not away from them. They are the ones who are there when we need help the most. Firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians are brave individuals who deserve our respect and our admiration. As personal injury lawyers, we’ve seen the aftermath of some of the worst accidents in the state, and we know that emergency responders are the reasons they aren’t worse.

Last weekend was a celebration for public servants at Vanquish Worldwide’s “Honoring Our Heroes” event in Maryville. The Vanquish company specializes in security services and invited over 200 emergency and rescue agencies, including several in Knox County to the event. According to the president of Vanquish, “We want to be an example for not only our community and the state, but also the nation. It really is important that we show appreciation for the people who help our communities.”

That’s a message anyone can get behind. The event was an opportunity for those employees to relax and have fun with their families. That family time is something a lot of them miss. According to a spokesperson for Front Range Training, “It’s about the people here. People who sacrifice, maybe not physically, but emotionally every day for their community — missed birthdays, missed kid’s birthdays, missed anniversaries, missed Christmases.”

While this event is pretty incredible, let’s keep in mind that our gratitude should extend every day. Continue to be thankful for those who are the first on the scene at the time of an accident and those who are working daily to ensure your family is kept safe.

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