horse kills woman in potential Chattanooga wrongful death case

Horse With History of Aggression Kills Chattanooga Woman

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As part of our daily routine, we here at the McMahan Law Firm monitor our local news outlets to stay in touch with the local Chattanooga community. A recent story that caught our eye reminded us of the dangers around us every day.

A local woman was killed by her horse this past weekend – a horse that apparently had a history of aggressive behavior. News Channel  9 quoted a woman close to the victim who said that the horse had previously behaved in a violent manner towards another woman.

That incident resulted in a major head injury.

The horse’s owner probably felt safe around her own animal, but the previous injury to another woman should have been a warning that the potential exists for violent behavior. Sometimes history is the best predictor of the future. Such a tragic accident seems unlikely to re-occur, but it did – and with fatal results.

The director of our local humane society said this was the first time he’s seen an incident like this and he’s at a loss as to what steps should be taken next, according to the sheriff investigating the case.

Opinions vary as to how the case should be resolved and who should be held accountable for the woman’s death. We at the McMahan Law Firm know that legal issues can be open to interpretation and do not always provide clear solutions.  Yet, we also understand that people who own property, including animals, can be held accountable for injuries and incidents involving the animals or other property.

Legally speaking, if the recent fatal accident victim had not been the horse’s owner, the incident likely would be considered a wrongful death case. If the victim had only been injured, it would probably be handled as a premises liability case. Either way, property and animal owners are expected to take responsibility for what they own.

If you live in the greater Chattanooga area, including Manchester, Jasper, Dunlap, Winchester and the surrounding communities, and you’ve been injured due to someone else’s property (including animals), you deserve the benefits of experienced attorneys who know how to use the law to recover the maximum compensation for your loss. Remember, financial damages from an injury accident can include: time lost from work, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

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