How Can We Curb Deadly Tennessee Motorcycle Accidents? | Chattanooga Auto Accident Attorneys

How Can We Curb Deadly Tennessee Motorcycle Accidents? | Chattanooga Auto Accident Attorneys

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We’ve spent a lot of time discussing all the various dangers that can be found on roads and highways around the Chattanooga area. We’ve often focused on accidents that have involved cars or commercial trucks as these seem to be some of the most common. But there are other vehicles on our roads that can’t be overlooked. In fact, it could be that these vehicles are often overlooked that is the main cause for these accidents.

When motorcycle accidents occur, they’re often even more devastating than other accidents because the rider has less protection. So unfortunately these accidents are more likely to end in a fatality. A tragic reminder of this occurred earlier in the week when a motorcyclist was traveling along Highway 153. A woman pulled her car out in front of him and the biker was unable to stop in time to avoid a wreck. He was thrown from the bike and left with critical injuries. He was rushed to the hospital but later he sadly passed away from injuries.

Young biker loses his life in Chattanooga after a motorcycle accident.

One of the most common claims after a person has struck a motorcycle is that “They didn’t see them.” The responsibility falls on all us to be more aware of the drivers around us. As a rider it’s important to make yourself as visible as possible by wearing bright clothing, using hand signals, and staying out of blind spots. As a motorist it is important to always check twice for motorcyclists. This simple act can save lives.

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