How Can You Get Justice After a Loved One is Killed in an Accident? | Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers

How Can You Get Justice After a Loved One is Killed in an Accident? | Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers

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There are really no words that can describe the flood of emotions a family will feel after they lose someone they love in an accident. Along with heartbreak comes confusion, frustration, maybe even anger. But what can you do to get a sense of closure or a sense of justice?

Hopefully a Chattanooga family will be feeling a sense of both now that the man who killed a mother of two has finally been sentenced. In September of 2011, a 23-year-old drank too much, got behind the wheel of his car and caused a devastating accident. Reports indicate that he was texting when he ran through a stop sign and smashed into a car with a mother and her two young children inside.

A man gets justice when the drunk driver who killed his wife is sentenced in Chattanooga.The woman’s husband soon received a phone call that sent him rushing to the scene of the accident. His children would recover, but his wife didn’t survive. Now, over a year later, he was there when the man that took his wife from him pled guilty to ‘vehicular homicide by intoxication and vehicular assault.’

It wasn’t the first time the man was in trouble. He’d had a prior DUI. According to the surviving husband, “He had one DUI and he was out and he did it again, and this time he killed somebody… People like that, they just don’t care.” Hopefully the eight-year prison sentence the man will be serving will bring the family the sense of closure they deserve.

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Chattanooga

Ask the Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm what they know about wrongful death lawsuits. If someone you love died due to the negligence or carelessness of another person, you need the support of an experienced Chattanooga wrongful death attorney. The Insiders have fought for the rights of surviving families in Chattanooga, Manchester, Knoxville, Cleveland, Tullahoma, and throughout Southern Tennessee for over 15 years.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer won’t change history, but it can make the future less worrisome, and a wrongful death suit can provide some financial peace of mind to a family who has lost a loved one – maybe even a sense of justice.

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