Seat belts save lives in Chattanooga car accidents

How deadly is it to get ejected from a vehicle? Discuss some of the data with Chattanooga car accident attorneys

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In Chattanooga, the first traffic fatality of the year involved a teenage boy who was ejected from a pickup truck.  Two other teenagers, including the boy’s sister and a 17-year-old boy driving the vehicle, were also ejected; they survived, though according to the latest reports from the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the boy’s sister is in critical condition.

During this accident, the driver was allegedly impaired and lost control of the vehicle along a curve on the road.  But serious accidents occur under various circumstances, including situations when a driver is behaving responsibly.  It’s always important, regardless of the risks of a situation, to try to prevent the likelihood of being ejected from a vehicle by wearing a safety belt.

According to data on fatal crashes published on the National Safety Council (NSC) website, in 2011 77% of passenger vehicle occupants who were completely ejected from a vehicle died.  Seat belts greatly reduce the risk of total ejection from a car, and in general are estimated to prevent thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries annually; this saves many families from getting torn apart by tragedy, keeps people from losing their jobs, helps people maintain their current quality of life, and saves tens of billions of dollars in medical expenses.

Additional data published on the NSC website show that men are less likely to use safety belts than women, and that, overall, passengers and pickup truck drivers are also less likely to put on safety belts.  Given that it only takes a few seconds to put on a safety belt, there’s really no reason in terms of convenience or any other excuse to avoid doing so.

Even people who survive total or partial ejection from a vehicle will often still face debilitating injuries and huge medical bills.  Consulting with Chattanooga car accident attorneys can help you find ways to receive the coverage and compensation you need.  But it’s best to reduce the risk of getting into such situations to begin with by buckling up.

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