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How To Make Sure You Stay Safe In The Kitchen This Holiday Season

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Holidays are all about family, tradition, and food. With family coming into town, activities to plan and meals to prepare, the holidays can also be both enjoyable and hectic. Don’t let things get too hectic in the kitchen, though. Keep these kitchen safety tips in mind this holiday to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.

Things to Keep in Mind While Cooking

Kitchen safety, particularly kitchen knife safety, is especially important if you have children running around and playing in the house. For your safety, while you cook and for the safety of any children, make sure knives are safely stored in a drawer or a wooden block and out of reach of the little ones.

Position pots and pans on the stove so that their handles are not sticking out over the front of the stove. Children may try to grab a pot handle sticking out, or someone bustling around the kitchen could bump into it and spill the hot contents within. Along these lines, take off any dangling jewelry before cooking. Long necklaces or bracelets can get caught on lids and handles and lead to scalding spills.

Even though it may interrupt your flow, always clean up spills in the kitchen immediately to avoid a slip and fall accident.

Preventing Kitchen Fires

No matter what kind of stove and oven set you use, there is always a risk of fire in the kitchen due to the high temperatures. Oven mitts and potholders are common fire hazards in the kitchen. Be sure to use them to avoid burning yourself, but keep them nearby and accounted for so they don’t get left in the oven or placed too close to the stove top.

While loose clothes are comfortable and easy to move around in, you should never cook while wearing loose, billowy clothing. All the extra material just adds another fire hazard to the kitchen environment. Also, tie back long hair to keep it out of reach of the flames and so that no one ends up with unwanted garnish.

Regardless of how careful you are, fires do sometimes happen. Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen at all times, and know how to use it.

Keep Your Kitchen Germ Free

Kitchens are associated with food and cleanliness, as they should be. However, kitchens can be the source of a wealth of germs if they are not kept clean. The best way you can keep your kitchen, and your whole house, for that matter, clean is to wash your hands. Wash your hands thoroughly before using any kitchen instruments and after handling raw eggs or meat.

Store raw eggs and meats away from other items in the freezer and refrigerator to avoid contaminating any other foods with harmful bacteria. Prepare and cook these items separately from other food items as well, and thoroughly wash down any surfaces or instruments that came into contact with them.

These types of foods also spoil quickly, so make sure to put them away in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible.

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