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How To Make Sure Your Kids Have A Safe Halloween

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Fall is such an exciting time of the year. The weather begins to cool, the leaves change to beautiful, vibrant colors and there is that one night where children can be any character or creature they would like to be while running about collecting yummy treats—Halloween. This long standing tradition has been as favorite for many families, and allows for the creation of so many fun memories with your children. There is nothing quite like the look of wonder on a young child’s face as they experience special holidays such as this. Of course, all of that excitement can quickly turn into a real life nightmare if your child is injured.

While this is a circumstance that no parent like to think about, each and every year a large number of children are injured on Halloween. At McMahan Law Firm, your Chattanooga personal injury attorneys, we know just how important it is for you to keep your children as safe as possible. Here is a list of tips for how to keep your kids safe this Halloween.

Tips for Roadway Safety

One of the most common ways that children are injured on Halloween is being struck by a vehicle. Kids get very excited, darting across the road without a second thought. This is extremely dangerous. Follow these tips to avoid accidents:

  • Include reflective material in your child’s costume
  • Always hold your child’s hand and cross the street together
  • Cross at a stop sign instead of the middle of the sidewalk
  • Make eye contact with oncoming drivers
  • Engage children in the process of crossing the street safely by having them look both ways and continue looking as they cross
  • Talk to your children about the importance of staying alert and vigilant while crossing the street

Tips for Candy Safety

Gathering candy is by far one of the most exciting activities of Halloween. Children look forward to trick or treating every year. Unfortunately, there are some bad people in the world who want to ruin this fun for everyone. Follow these tips for candy safety:

  • Tell your children of the dangers that come with collecting candy from strangers and be sure that they know not to eat it until it has been checked
  • Check each piece of candy individually, looking for sharp objects, small holes in the wrapper or anything that you believe is abnormal
  • Avoid homemade treats from people that you do not know

Tips for Costume Safety

Believe it or not, the greatest threat to your child on Halloween could be their very own costume. Follow these tips for costume safety:

  • Be sure that the costume fits correctly and that there are no loose parts that can be tripped over
  • Do not use sharp accessories
  • Avoid accessories with toxic chemicals such as glow sticks or bubble lights
  • Follow the directions on novelty face paint very carefully
  • Choose face paint over a mask so that your child’s vision is not blocked during the night

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