Injury Victims Upset Over Offenders Early Release | Chattanooga Accident Attorneys

Injury Victims Upset Over Offenders Early Release | Chattanooga Accident Attorneys

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We previously discussed a disturbing McMinn County accident that took place in Tennessee when three friends decided to throw objects off an overpass at passing vehicles. Their recklessness nearly turned deadly when they threw a fan motor that smashed through the windshield of a bus and injured the driver.

At the time we wrote about the story, two of the young men were finally being sentenced for their destructive actions nearly two years after the incident. They were charged with vandalism totaling over $100,000 in damage, reckless endangerment, and the conspiracy to commit reckless homicide. The two ended up being sentenced to 4 years in prison for their crimes.

But now just two months after pleading guilty to the charges, one of the men has been released and the victims of overpass assault aren’t happy. The injured bus driver stated, ‘I wouldn’t have thought something would happen so soon. I thought it would have been more time served before anything like this would have happened.’

After a young man charged with injury as a bus driver is released early, the bus driver isn't happy.

The young man is out of jail and on house arrest through a McMinn County community corrections program. But the state wants him back behind bars and now it’s up to the court of appeals to decide if he’s ineligible for the house arrest program since it’s for non-violent offenders and he was convicted of reckless endangerment, a violent crime.

What does it mean when you’ve been injured by someone’s maliciousness in Chattanooga?

Rarely is a injury accident not a tragedy. Even minor accidents can lead to major bills that will drastically alter a victim’s life. Unfortunately a lot of accidents aren’t minor and end in serious injuries or worse, death. When that accident is caused by the maliciousness or negligence of another person, you shouldn’t be responsible for the ensuing medical expenses or lost wages.

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