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Investigators Continue Collecting Evidence After Deadly Bus Accident | Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers

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Earlier in the month an unimaginable tragedy occurred when a church bus lost control and crashed along I-40.  The massive wreck took the lives of six passengers on the bus as well as a passenger in a tractor trailer and another passenger in a car.  While communities were left to mourn, investigators were quickly looking into the cause of the terrible accident.

The state’s Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) were brought to the scene of the accident.  Their job is to make precise drawings and exact measurements of anything and everything at the scene.  According to a Sgt. with CIRT, “You get to a scene, we walk through identifying gouge marks, tire marks, debris, lines on the roads, and everything else with exact measurements.”  The team also collects information from the ‘black boxes’ attached to smaller passenger cars’ airbag systems and run tests on the slickness of the road by recreating tire traction.

In the case of the Tennessee bus accident, the wreck was on such a large scale that the unit had to use all of its members.  “There was so much data to collect and a lot of debris and fire. You have to work fast because evidence can disappear within minutes or hours.”

All that evidence now has to be analyzed and that can be a lengthy process.  Smaller crashes that result in deaths can takes up to six months.  Many believe that the bus accident could take up to a year.

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