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Is a Parking Garage That Suffered Structural Damage Safe For the Public?

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When you’re frustrated from driving around in circles in a parking garage the only thing on your mind is probably finding a spot.  As accident lawyers in Chattanooga we know that you may not be thinking about whether or not the garage is actually safe… you should be.

Recently a support beam collapsed in a Chattanooga parking garage and contractors are worried about the overall safety of the structure.  In most circumstances, parking garages aren’t open to the public when they are under construction but this one has been.

City inspectors have had a close eye on the structure and have said that it is safe, but that safety has come with a warning.  It is, after all, an active construction site, and they’ve made sure to post signs reminding drivers of that fact.

The accident in June that has warranted the repairs was more serious than many have recognized.  A forklift backed into a cross beam and the entire second floor began to bow.  According to a local land development director, “Once they made the repairs, we asked them to get the joist manufacturer or an independent engineer to say that the repairs were made, and everything was okay.”  Once that happened, cars began to park there again.

There aren’t any rules on the books that prohibit parking in a garage that has suffered structural damage.  All that needs to happen is for the contractor and insurance company to give the ok, which is exactly what has happened in this case.  High demand may have led to the garage opening before it was truly safe.  Construction will continue at the site, but the traffic is actually going to slow it down a bit.

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