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Knoxville Accident Attorneys Offer Tips For Avoiding Head-on Collisions

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Although rare, head-on collisions are often catastrophic. Two vehicles traveling toward each other at 55 mph close in on one another at about 200 feet per second. Therefore, to protect you and your family, it is important to plan ahead to reduce your chances of ever experiencing such a crash. Here are some tips to help you avoid a head-on collision:

Take Extra Care On Curves

Oncoming vehicles traveling at excessive speeds often cross the center line on curves, and it is often impossible to see such a vehicle until it is too late.

Never Engage In Distracted Driving

Far too many head-on crashes occur because texting, talking on a cell phone or reaching for something in the vehicle distracts a driver. Your vehicle covers a substantial distance in less than a second. Therefore, it is imperative that you are a completely attentive driver at all times.

Veer Right, Not Left

Let’s say that a vehicle is coming right at you a motorist attempts an ill-advised passing maneuver. The instinctive reaction is often to go left if that vehicle is moving to the right, and vice versa. However, it is important to decide that if such a situation ever presents itself, you will first think about heading to the right. Why? Because the oncoming driver is far more likely to try to regain control of his/her vehicle by returning to his own lane. Motorists that each head to their right tend to limits head-on crashes, in general.

A Glancing Blow

If a head-on collision is absolutely unavoidable, do everything possible to maneuver your vehicle so that any impact is indirect, rather than direct. A glancing blow may greatly diminish the force of the crash.

At the McMahan Law Firm, we want you to remain safe while on the road. However, should you or a family member ever suffer injury in a crash, it is possible to review the matter from a legal perspective with Knoxville accident attorneys. We provide this type of consultation at no cost to you. To learn more, please contact us.