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Knoxville Auto Accident Lawyers Discuss Tennessee Bus Driver Was Texting At Time Of Deadly Wreck

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We’ve often discussed the dangers of texting and driving here on our blog. These warnings are often directed at young drivers, those who have just gotten their license or who have only had it for a few years. That’s because as Knoxville auto accident lawyers, we know these are the drivers most likely to engage in this dangerous activity, but we’ve also been around long enough to know they aren’t the only ones.

For good reason, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the terrible bus accident that took the lives of two students and a teacher’s aide last year. Our readers, the families affected, and the Eastern Tennessee community as a whole deserve to know exactly what happened, and it seems some troubling developments have been revealed.

The investigation into the crash found that the bus driver had sent and received multiple text messages shortly before his bus collided with another on Asheville Highway. Knoxville police had the difficult job of delivering this news to the victim’s families. According to a statement, “This has been a very difficult procedure for all involved, and hopefully, this has provided the families another step in their healing process.”

While tough, getting the family this type of information is essential in giving them a bit of closure. More may still come to light as well. According to the investigation report, “It’s saddening and disheartening to know that he was texting while he was driving. Unfortunately we live in a society where individuals break the law and tragically take the life of someone on else because they’re negligent.”

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