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Knoxville Auto Accident Lawyers Heartbroken By Deadly Tennessee Bus Accident

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Accidents don’t get any more heartbreaking than the recent tragedy that occurred right here in Knoxville.  Like many others, we believe that our city’s children are our most precious asset and to see them taken away at such an early age is just unfathomable.

Last week two Tennessee buses were taking children home after a long day at school when they collided.  The buses were apparently traveling on Asheville Highway going opposite directions when one veered off course and smashed through the median, striking the other.  The bus that was struck was knocked onto its side, taking the lives of two young girls as well as a teacher’s aide.  Three others were also seriously injured with another 27 suffering non-life threatening injuries as well.

As our community often does in times of tragedy, people are rallying around the survivors and the families of those that were killed.  As auto accident lawyers in Knoxville who have seen far too many terrible accidents, we know that our community always comes together in times like these.  Local churches have come to together to pray and give support and both schools whose buses were involved shut down the day after to offer counseling to classmates and families.  Rain had fallen most of the day and the roads were quite slick, which many believe to be a likely factor in the crash.  Hopefully a detailed investigation will find answers and give these families the closure they deserve.

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Our condolences go out to the families who lost loved ones, and we hope for speedy recoveries to those who were injured.  The McMahan Law Firm is here to assists families who have suffered in auto accidents, helping them put the pieces back together by getting them the compensation they deserve.  If you want to talk about your own Knoxville auto accident claim, contact us today.

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