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Knoxville Hunting Accident Prevention Tips

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One of the most popular recreational activities in Eastern Tennessee is hunting, and we’re right in the middle of hunting season.  Of course, that also means that hunting accidents will once again become an issue.  In fact, just last week in Knoxville a man was accidentally shot by a fellow hunter.  According to the hunter, he was aiming at a moving deer when he unintentionally shot his friend in the leg.

Fortunately the injuries weren’t life-threatening, but it does raise a lot of questions about safe hunting.  There are a lot of common causes for hunting accidents. Simple lapses in judgment are the most common causes and can range from mistaking a person for an animal to not looking in front or beyond your target. Other common causes can include being inexperienced and not having enough practice, not following proper firearm safety rules, or even mechanical failures within your firearm or other equipment.

There are a lot of causes of hunting accidents, but as personal injury lawyers in Knoxville, we also know there are many things you can do to stay safe.  First, have your muzzle pointing in a safe direction AT ALL TIMES.  It should never point at anything you don’t intend to shoot.  This comes with practice and getting comfortable with firearms.  Next, always treat your gun as though it’s loaded and more importantly keep your finger OFF the trigger unless you’re ready to shoot.  Finally, always be aware of what is both in front and behind your target.

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Like any accident, if someone causes a hunting accident through negligence, they should be held responsible. Our Knoxville injury attorneys are here for victims of negligence and fight to make sure they get the money they need to cover the true cost of their injuries.