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Knoxville Injury Lawyers Reveal More New Developments In Wake Of Deadly Bus Accident

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A massive investigation was launched after the double school bus accident in Knoxville took several lives on December 2nd.  Since the accident, new developments have continued to come to light that point to negligence as a potential factor in the deadly wreck.  As injury lawyers in Knoxville, we can only hope that all the details will be revealed so that those affected can get the justice and closure they deserve.

In a previous post we already mentioned that the driver of the bus that swerved across the median did not have the appropriate license to be operating a school bus on his own. The Tennessee Highway Patrol has claimed that the permit the man was issued only allowed him to drive a school bus while another bus driver was also on board.

In another new development, it’s been released that the driver of the other bus had prescription drugs on him at the time of the accident.  Toxicology reports are pending which will give more info on what was in his system and how it could have affected his driving.

No one has been charged yet in the accident, but the Knoxville Police Department has stated that charges could still be on the table. They just won’t be revealed until the investigation is complete and brought to the District Attorney’s Office. Two children and a teacher’s aide were killed in the accident while thirty others were injured.

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