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Avoid Claims Adjusters After a Car Accident and Call a Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyer

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After being in a car accident here in Chattanooga, your first priority should always be to contact a Chattanooga car accident lawyer so you can avoid the pitfalls of a claims adjuster. When you wait to get represented legally, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of overwhelming things from personal injuries, the bills associated with those injuries, plus dealing with your insurance companylawyer-for-insurance-claim.

Yes, when it comes to insurance companies, we tell you the unvarnished truth about them. As important as it is to have insurance, the companies providing it are out to make money off of you through their premiums. At the same time, they want to pay out as little as possible to you after you have an accident. When they bring in a claims adjuster to see what they may have to pay out, it may shock you at how much they try to make the accident look like your own fault.

In turn, you may not get the payout you deserve. Or, the insurance company may try to talk you into not bothering with legal representation. This latter scenario is one that you should lend a deaf ear to, even though they’ll try to convince you that a payoff would be bigger.

How should you react to those claims, and how soon should you contact a personal injury attorney?

The Misrepresentation of a Claims Adjuster

You should never listen to a claims adjuster if they claim your payout would be bigger from them if you skip getting legal counsel. The reason they’ll try to talk you out of legal representation is because they know they can get away with shortchanging you without an attorney fighting them and proving evidence. Also, you’re going to find that most compensation lawsuits end up gaining you more in the long run after legal fees than taking a risk with payout from an insurance company.

A personal injury attorney is going to look out for your best interests and help gather evidence that proves you deserve compensation from both the insurance company and the person to blame for your car accident. That’s why it’s critical that you contact an attorney right after your car accident occurs so they can gather evidence immediately to build a compelling case.

When you have legal counsel early, you won’t have to put up with a claims adjuster trying to convince you of something that isn’t true.

Contact us here at McMahan Law Firm so we can represent you if you’ve just had a car accident here in Chattanooga or surrounding area. We’ll help counteract any manipulation from your insurance company’s claims adjuster and show them the undeniable evidence of your injuries. And we’ll help you step by step through a personal injury suit to gain the compensation you deserve from those responsible for your injuries.

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