Low-Hanging Power Lines May Have Caused Deadly Truck Accident

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Is it fair to call one job more dangerous than another?  Obviously, a police officer may be put in danger more often than a teacher, but should a person have to go to work every day expecting to be injured.  Men and women that work on construction sites do have a higher rate of injuries than some other jobs but that doesn’t mean that absolutely every precaution shouldn’t be made on behalf of the employer to keep their workers safe.

A recent fatal accident in McMinn County is still under investigation, and it’s not yet known if negligence played a part.  Everything started without incident – a truck driver was doing a routine unload of grain at a local silo.  It wasn’t until the truck pulled away that tragedy struck.  The boom on the back of the tanker struck a power line, sparking a fire.  The entire truck was soon engulfed in flames, and those at the scene were unable to pull the truck driver out of the rig in time to save his life.

Only a thorough investigation will reveal exactly what happened.  However, there may be a case to be made against low-hanging power lines at the farm.  If these power lines created a dangerous situation, then those responsible should be held accountable.

As wrongful death lawyers in Chattanooga, we know that things like workers’ compensation insurance are in place to protect the rights of workers and their families.  If an employer is responsible, especially for a death, they owe the surviving family compensation, and they have to put measures in place to make sure a similar accident doesn’t take place.

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