Maliciousness Can Cause Accidents as Quickly as Negligence | Chattanooga Injury Lawyers

Maliciousness Can Cause Accidents as Quickly as Negligence | Chattanooga Injury Lawyers

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No one wants to be in an accident, but we would like to think that if we were in an accident, it would at least be unintentional. The thought of someone’s negligence causing a serious injury accident is bad enough, but when the wreck is caused by maliciousness, it can be even more devastating and confusing. That’s exactly what a Cleveland couple is experiencing after a run-in with an extremely dangerous motorist last Sunday.

The couple doesn’t know what sparked the man’s road rage. They don’t know his motivations, only the result of his actions. As they drove along I-75 the man began running his “older model light colored Chevy Pickup truck with a camper shell” into their car. According to one of the victims, “He hit me two or three times, I’m not sure how many. But he stopped in front of me I know twice. The third time’s when he backed up and put me against the guardrail.”

Car accident can be caused by road rage as well as negligence in Chattanooga.

The man and his wife were now stopped on the shoulder and that’s when an already scary situation got even more terrifying. The man got out of his pickup with a gun and pointed it at the driver. His wife recalls the harrowing moment, “I thought we was going to be killed. I really did. I thought he was going to shoot my husband, then shoot me. I was just real, real nervous.”

The gunman never fired and although they escaped with their lives the damage was clear on their destroyed car and the emotional stress that will plague them for a long time to come.

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