Man Left Trapped in Car After Smashing Into Home | Accident Lawyers Chattanooga

Man Left Trapped in Car After Smashing Into Home | Accident Lawyers Chattanooga

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Two weeks ago we discussed a series of accidents that ultimately ended with a car smashing through the side of a restaurant near the University of Tennessee. A car crashing through a building may seem like a freak occurrence, but it actually happens more often than you’d think. We’d like to hope we’re at least safe from auto accidents when we’re relaxing in our homes, but a woman in Hamilton County found out the hard way that’s not always true.

Last Tuesday an out-of-control driver flew through a fast food parking lot before careening into a two-story home. The car smashed into the bottom floor which caused the main supports to buckle and the house to collapse on top of the vehicle. One witness claimed the car to be ‘running 40-50 miles per hour,’ and added that he saw ‘the tree fall, the fence blow, and then I seen the garage door blow out.’

A man lost control of his car and ran into a house near Chattanooga.

The driver was seriously injured in the wreck and the debris from the crumbling home left him trapped inside his car. Emergency crews were called in to bring temporary supports to keep the house from collapsing any further. It took nearly an hour to pull the man out of his car and from the wreckage.

“Was the Homeowner Injured in the Tennessee Car Accident?”

The woman who lived in the house had left less than half an hour before the collision. Had she been home she’d have most likely been sitting directly above the point of impact, supported by a floor that would soon collapse. Fortunately, she picked the right time to step out.

The investigation continues to find the exact reason the man lost control of his car.

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