More Drugs May Be Contaminated by Fungal Meningitis | Injury Lawyers Chattanooga

More Drugs May Be Contaminated by Fungal Meningitis | Injury Lawyers Chattanooga

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The current fungal meningitis outbreak has so far sickened 214 people and caused more than 15 deaths, many of which occurred in Tennessee. The deadly outbreak has been traced to epidural steroid shots produced by the New England Compounding Center and used to treat back pain. However, recent developments have raised new concerns that other drugs produced by the compounding pharmacy may also be contaminated.

Meningitis outbreak continues as other products may be tainted.The FDA is now urging doctors to contact all of their patients that have been treated with any of the pharmacy’s products and advise them to watch for symptoms of meningitis. The FDA is investigating reports of people who may have contracted fungal meningitis after receiving treatments for issues other than back pain. The deputy director for the consumer watchdog group Public Citizen has stated, ‘If their manufacturing practices were deficient enough to lead to contamination of what were suppose to be one set of medication – the first steroid that led to the big outbreak – it’s certainly not surprising that others were contaminated.’

Some of the drugs in question are ophthalmic drugs, often used during eye surgery, and also cardioplegic solution, which paralyzes cardiac muscles during open-heart surgery. There have already been two cases of patients contracting fungal infections after receiving heart transplants.

The New England Compounding Center has recalled all their medicines and the Tennessee State Board of Pharmacy has officially revoked the pharmacy’s license after a 7-0 vote by committee.

“Will Lawsuits Follow the Meningitis Outbreak in Tennessee?”

At least one Tennessee woman who contracted meningitis after an annual steroid shot is seeking compensation for her injuries. Her lawsuit suggests the company ‘allowed the steroid to be contaminated by fungi through negligence.’ She’s seeking $15 million after suffering from ‘stroke, disfigurement, and permanent disability’ which have left her hospitalized and barely able to speak.

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New developments about the devastating outbreak will continue to come to light. More and more Tennesseans will continue to become sick and every new case is one case too many. If you or someone you love is one of the unfortunate victims of this company’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

The McMahan Law Firm is currently reviewing cases of patients who’ve contracted fungal meningitis after being treated with a New England Compounding Center product. If someone else is to blame for your injuries, we’ll hold them responsible and fight to get you the money you deserve — so you can focus on the long recovery ahead. Contact the Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm and let us investigate your case. The consultation is free and we never see a dime until you do.

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