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In the past we’ve discussed how easily you can be injured if you’re in a car and are hit by a large commercial vehicle. The sheer size difference often means that when you’re hit by a tractor trailer or a bus, more than likely, you’re going to be the one left injured. But a recent Chattanooga accident proved that the opposite can be true as well.

Last Monday, eight people were injured after a car struck the bus they were traveling in. It happened around noon at the intersection of Main and Carter Street. Apparently a car didn’t stop at a stop sign and slammed into the side of the bus. According to an eye witness, “The car involved in the accident came out of the stop sign. He never stopped… The bus hit the car not once but twice. The bus left the road crossing the exit ramp.”

The bus was forced off the road where it glanced off a tree before smashing through a fence and finally came to a stop in a patch of grass. One passenger reflects, “I felt the impact… I fell up against the window and kept seeing trees and I laid down in the seat.”

Ultimately, six passengers on the bus were left with injuries that required medical attention. The driver and passenger of the car that hit them didn’t escape without injury either and also had to be taken to local hospitals by ambulance.

Many of the passengers on the bus believed that the accident could have been much worse and are giving a lot of credit to the bus driver. According to one passenger, “She did her best. She did her best. The only thing I was worried about was the bus turning over on its side. That was my biggest concern.” Fortunately the experienced driver was able to keep the massive bus upright, saving more passengers from injury.

Bus accident in Chattanooga with injuries

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