Multi-Car Wreck Takes One Man’s Life | Chattanooga Wrongful Death Attorneys

Multi-Car Wreck Takes One Man’s Life | Chattanooga Wrongful Death Attorneys

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People traveling west on I-24 found themselves being funneled off the interstate last Friday morning. All westbound lanes were shut down and thousands of cars were rerouted to Chattanooga’s east side near Germantown Road and Rossville Boulevard. Traffic jams became so bad, that many motorists parked their cars and visited local shops and restaurant while waiting for traffic to move again. While they waited for the chance to continue with their day, emergency crews were responding to a tragic accident.

A 21-year-old woman, heading westbound on I-24, had lost control of her car and smashed into a concrete barrier before hitting other cars and starting a devastating chain reaction. Those who saw the multi-car wreck claim the woman ‘had her emergency lights on and was swerving in an out of traffic at a very high rate of speed.’ Why she was driving with her hazard lights on was not reported.

A pile-up in Chattanooga takes the life of one man .

Despite the woman slamming into several cars, she escaped the accident without injuries, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case with everyone involved. A 61-year-old man was driving along that stretch of interstate as the wreck happened and the cars started piling up. He attempted to swerve to avoid the other collisions, but lost control of his vehicle as well. His truck slid before rolling several times and ejecting him from the truck. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but passed away from his injuries soon after.

Charges haven’t been filed yet, but the Chattanooga Police Department’s Traffic Unit is continuing to investigate the deadly incident.

Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers

The grief you and your family experience after someone you love is killed in an accident can be overwhelming, but if their death was caused by the negligence of another person, you shouldn’t be financially burdened as well. A successful wrongful death claim can help cover medical and funeral expenses, even money for financial support you’ll no longer be receiving.

The Chattanooga accident attorneys at the McMahan Law Firm understand how heartbreaking the loss of a loved one can be and are ready to help you through this upsetting time. The money you can receive from your settlement won’t take away the grief, but it can help take way the financial stress – it can even deliver justice. Contact the McMahan Law Firm and let them get started on your wrongful death claim today.

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