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Must Know Tips To Help You Avoid A Bad Collision

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According to a Forbes article the average driver will be in a collision about every 18 years. This means most drivers will be involved in multiple collisions over the course of their driving years. Although some accidents are unavoidable others can be avoiding preventing pain and suffering car accident lawyers provide the following tips to help you avoid an unfortunate accident.

Be Careful Around Trucks

  • Trucks have limited visibility. They can not see a car travelling right next to them or directly behind them. Therefore a car should not stay in either of these locations for a long period of time. Pass a truck quickly and do not following closely behind a truck.
  • Trucks need space to slow down or come to a stop due to their weight. Don’t abruptly change lanes in front of a truck. They can not react quickly.
  • Trucks need a lot of space to make a turn. Avoid interfering with a turning truck.

Pay Attention to Weather Conditions

  • Travel at slower speeds on wet or icy roads. Allow other vehicles plenty of space so you have time to react should they brake abruptly.
  • Use headlights in rainy weather so you can be seen by other cars.
  • If the weather conditions are very poor stay off the roads. Postpone your trip for another day.

Avoid Distractions

  • Do not text or make cell phone calls while driving.
  • Have complete focus on the road ahead. Don’t apply makeup, eat lunch or try to read the paper while driving.
  • Attempt to avoid distractions from children in the car. Provide them something to keep themselves entertained with. Emphasize that you will not be able to assist them with issues when you are driving.

Even drivers that take all of the correct precautions may end up in an accident. It is not possible to avoid all collisions. If you have been in an accident keep in mind that the other driver may be at fault. In this case you are entitled to receive money for your vehicle repairs, medical costs and any lost wages. To learn more contact us.