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New Rules For Truck Drivers Everyone Must Know

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While any driver can get behind the wheel when they are too tired to drive, semi truck drivers face more scrutiny for this behavior as these commercial drivers sometimes skip sleep in order to get to their destinations faster. When accidents involving semi trucks happen, those in smaller vehicles can suffer severe injuries. A new rule is aimed at preventing fatigued truck and bus drivers from operating their vehicles in Tennessee and other states as electronic records are now required.

New Devices

Around 3 million commercial drivers are expected to log their hours electronically now since paper records have drawbacks as they can be changed or two sets of logs could exist. The electronic devices can keep track of:

  • Engine hours
  • Miles driven
  • Location information
  • Vehicle movement

Benefits And Opinions

Estimates indicate that the electronic tracking systems will save 26 lives annually and prevent 562 injuries in addition to saving $1 billion per year. While some small trucking companies and independent drivers objected to having to buy the new technology and thought that superiors could pressure fatigued drivers into continuing if they have not logged enough hours, there are provisions designed to protect drivers from harassment regarding the information the devices generate. Proponents of the technology believe investigators will be able to detect violations easier.

If A Semi Truck Crash Happens

Chattanooga semi truck accident attorneys could help if a crash occurs involving a big rig. You could file a suit against a negligent truck driver to receive compensation for the injuries you suffered. Drivers who are fatigued or otherwise engaging in reckless behavior while driving could be held accountable for an accident.

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